Grants Jewelry is a privately-owned jeweler in the heart of New York City’s diamond district, offering personalized service for all your fine jewelry needs.

Whether you’re inspired by one of our current creations or you want to design something entirely new, we’ll work closely with you to create a piece of jewelry that you’ll never want to take off. Let us create an engagement ring as unique as your love. Searching for the perfect gift for a milestone event?  We design jewelry to complement every style and taste.

Reclaim the passion, quality and value that has been lost with big name, retail jewelry stores. We build lasting relationships with every customer by ensuring that passion, quality and value are an integral part of every buying experience.

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Diamonds, Gems and Fine jewelry is Susan’s art, and her greatest passion.

Susan began turning her dreams into reality more than 25 years ago, when she moved to New York City and founded S & G Star Corp., a worldwide supplier of polished diamonds.  A proud graduate of Harvard Business School and the Gemological Institute of America, she achieved great success in the male-dominated diamond dealer industry. Through referrals and a solid reputation, Susan was able to grow her business into to the global company it is today.

Susan expresses her passion for jewelry by creating beautiful designs for the customers of Grants Jewelry.  She is  committed to creating lasting relationships with each new client, and she takes great pride in the fact that customers return time & again, and regularly refer her to others.  She is an active board member of New York Chapter of Harvard Business School Women’s Association and  an alumni member of the G.I.A.

Her motto: “Life is Good, lets make some jewelry!”

Susan Grant
Owner, CEO and President


Responsible & Ethical Sourcing


Grants Jewelry is committed to ensuring that your diamonds are ethically sourced.

The founder of Grants Jewelry is a diamond importer, manufacturer and wholesaler based in New York City. Of course, we uphold Kimberly Process and the Patriot Act. Our products are procured only though legitimate sources that are not involved with any sort of conflict or injustice. We choose our diamonds carefully, working only with suppliers that support social initiatives to empower people living in diamond producing countries.

We all know that diamonds have been around for centuries and are valuable. In the last the last fifteen years the diamond industry has made significant ethical strides and changed for the better. Today the global diamond trade is aligned and working together to improve livelihoods of the entire industry. Systems have been put in place to provide locals with jobs at fair wages, and safe working conditions.

Diamond manufacturers, traders and dealers are investing in the future by supporting education & healthcare and promoting community growth & development. And they are dedicated to protecting the ecosystem in mining communities, guarding natural resources & minimizing impact on the environment.

We are proud to be part of the diamond and jewelry community that supports an eco-friendly environment and contributes to the well-being of others that are less fortunate. This has been and always will be an important part of the culture at Grants Jewelry.